10 Tips and Tricks for Successful Dieting


     The warm weather is starting to really creep in and many people are trying to achieve that ‘beach body’ before the summer weather hits us hard. Do you find yourself wanting to diet down, but you are not really sure how to stay on track? So many people try to start a diet but fail to succeed because they do not find ways to help them adhere to their initial plan. Below are ten tips that can help you stay on track!


Tip #1: Keep your meals simple but remember that you do not have to eat foods that you dislike. Eating chicken, broccoli, and rice for every meal is unrealistic. Do your research on portion sizes for all types of proteins, carbs, and fats that you enjoy eating and make a plan centered around those foods.


Tip #2: Save calories for the end of the day. We tend to be busier during the daytime, so eating smaller meals while you are occupied and save the bigger meals for later. A great dieting strategy for this is called ‘carb backloading.’ This is essentially where you save the bulk of your carbs for the end of the day instead of spacing them throughout.


Tip #3: Zero-calorie sweeteners are your friend, utilize them if you’re having sweet cravings! Add it to plain oatmeal, coffee, tea, etc. Or grab a ‘diet’ version of your favorite soda. Consuming zero calorie sweetener in moderation will not harm your body.


Tip #4: Salt is also your friend! Don’t be afraid to add salty seasonings to plain food. As long as you’re drinking enough water throughout the day then your sodium intake should not be a major concern. Which leads us to the next tip…


Tip #5: Always have water on you! Drinking water not only hydrates your body to help it function properly, but it can help you stay full longer. Try aiming for a gallon per day!


Tip #6: Eat on a schedule and try to space out your meals. No, you don’t have to eat at the EXACT same time every day, but if you get your body used to a schedule then you may feel less hungry in between meals.


Tip #7: Volume eat! This means, eating larger amounts of food that are less calorically dense. You will feel more satisfied without paying the price of eating too many calories. Examples of high volume foods: lettuce, spaghetti squash, cauliflower rice, etc. (mainly a lot of veggies).


Tip #8: Make your last meal your favorite meal of the day so that you always have something to look forward to.


Tip #9: Get creative with your meals! There are so many lower calorie options to replace the ‘unhealthy’ foods that we love. For example: Using lettuce for taco shells, using cauliflower in place of pizza crust, eating spaghetti squash instead of pasta, or using lower calorie nut butter. You can find all of these things at any grocery store!


Tip #10: Diet how YOU want. If you do what works best for you and your lifestyle then you’re more likely to stick to it. There are so many approaches to dieting and you can even mix and match to see what you like the most. Some examples are: counting macros, meal plan, keto, intermittent fast, etc.


Utilizing these tips will guarantee more success during a dieting phase. The most important part of dieting is to do what’s right for you. Overcomplicating the process will only lead you to feel overwhelmed and that will end up in failure. Set yourself up for success and finally get to the place that you have always wanted to be!